Tina Weaving Community: Assets, Sustainable and Innovative Weaving Practices, Processes and Networks

This scoping report presents initial findings and analyses on the existing assets and weaving practices, processes, and networks of a small Tagbanua’s village, the Tina Weaving Community (TWC), located on the Western coast of Aborlan, Palawan, Philippines. The project generally aimed to identify the current assets, vulnerabilities, and opportunities of the TWC in relation to their traditional weaving system and networks, and to identify key potential ways to move forward.

Implemented by the LifeCollege, Inc, a cutting-edge learning hub recognised by the Department of Education, the study mainly engaged in participatory research methods, utilising informal qualitative interviews, focus group discussions, and visual arts workshops to achieve its research objectives.

Woven Networks – Craft changemakers conserving forests is a partnership between the Forest Foundation Philippines and its grantee, the British Council through its Crafting Futures global programme. It aims to initiate new collaborations and support projects that champion indigenous knowledge systems towards sustainable resource management and improved livelihood of craft communities. The grants support research projects that highlight sustainable practices of indigenous craft communities for forest conservation.