Designing the Panublix Weaving Enterprise Digital Enabler (PWEDE)

This scoping grant aimed to explore the connection between weavers and forests by designing a
platform to capture relevant data to generate insights, not just for supply chain information and socio-economic data on weaving communities, but also on the activity’s environmental impact, especially for forests. The project is implemented by Panublix Innovations, Inc., an organization that is driven to contribute to a circular economy and move away from the industry’s extractive practices.

Panublix Weaving Enterprise Digital Enabler or ‘PWEDE’ aims to bridge the digital economy and encourage weaving enterprises in the Philippines to fully embrace digital adoption by providing an online platform and a business support programme among Filipino weavers.

Woven Networks – Craft changemakers conserving forests is a partnership between the Forest Foundation Philippines and its grantee, the British Council through its Crafting Futures global programme. It aims to initiate new collaborations and support projects that champion indigenous knowledge systems towards sustainable resource management and improved livelihood of craft communities. The grants support research projects that highlight sustainable practices of indigenous craft communities for forest conservation.