In working toward the protection and sustainable management of forests and fostering climate action, Forest Foundation Philippines operates in strict adherence to its overarching policies that ensure the social safeguards of all its staff and stakeholders. 

While the Foundation’s Results Framework provides the medium-term strategy to achieve its vision, its program development and implementation is ultimately guided by respect for life– from the people who constitute the Foundation, to its stakeholders and the biodiversity that make up the forest landscapes.

Code of Ethical Standards

Forest Foundation Philippines commits to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethics in the conduct of providing grants and technical assistance, and in their dealings with their stakeholders.

Learn more about our Code of Ethics here.

Human Rights Policy

Forest Foundation Philippines upholds respect for and promotes human rights in all its grant programs and operations.  Its Environmental and Social Safeguards Guidelines (ESSG) integrates a systematic process to provide safeguards anchored on the following:

      1. Biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management;

      1. Sustainable use of natural resources; and

      1. Respect for Indigenous People’s rights to stakeholder engagement, gender equality, labor and working conditions, fund management and disclosure, and private sector engagements.

    Learn more about our Human Rights Policy here.

    Gender Equality Policy

    Forest Foundation Philippines recognizes that women and girls, men and boys, and LGBTQIA+ individuals must have equal rights and opportunities, and should not be discriminated against because of their sex or gender. 

    The Foundation commits to advancing gender equality and gender sensitive practices in its programs, projects, and activities toward a just and inclusive conservation and management of forests.

    Learn more about our Gender Equality policy here.

    Complaints and Grievances on Forest Foundation-supported Projects and Programs

    In accordance with Forest Foundation Philippines’ Code of Ethics, the Foundation offers a safe space for people to raise concerns of any inappropriate conduct by its staff,  partners, or people associated with the organization, through its grievance mechanism.

    The Foundation will recognize any adverse effect of its supported projects on a person or a group, as a result of a failure on its part or its implementing partner to adhere to its Environmental and Social Safeguards Guidelines (ESSG) in the project design or implementation. It shall evaluate all complaints received and review the complaint/issue regularly to ensure that progress is made towards a resolution.

    What is a grievance? 

    It is a question, concern, or complaint related to a program, project, or activity supported by Forest Foundation Philippines.

    What types of grievances are covered? 

    Those that concern or are related to a Forest Foundation Philippines’ supported program, project, or activity. This may include concerns on project activity design and implementation, project implementation, project results, or compliance with the ESSG. 

    How to submit a grievance/complaint? 

    A complainant may:

        • Contact the designated Project Officer during office hours through his/her email address or mobile number; or

        • Submit his/her concern by sending an email to or mail to the Foundation’s office, with the following information:
              • Name

              • Address

              • Contact Number/Email

              • Description of Complaint (Who, What, Where, When, How)

        Confidentiality and Anonymity

        The grievance mechanism encourages stakeholders to openly exchange views and concerns about Forest Foundation’s operations, programs, projects, and activities. Confidentiality will be observed at all times to protect the identity of the complainant and ensure compliance with relevant laws. Complainants may also raise a concern anonymously, as long as sufficient facts and data are provided, to ensure that proper investigation is conducted. For more information on the Grievance Mechanism, please read our Human Rights Policy.