Project FOREST: Takbo! Takbo! Baboy Damo!

“Takbo! Takbo! Baboy Damo!” introduces the Palawan bearded pig, known as the forest’s master builder, which uses its snout to turn soil, allowing new trees and plants to grow. The story follows the wild boar mother-daughter duo, Berta and Bel, and highlights the impact of wildlife poaching and trading on their population. Through the perspective of Tagbanua child named Benny, readers are prompted to consider when hunting transitions from cultural tradition to profit-driven activity, which is prohibited by the Philippines’ environmental laws. In the end, will Berta and Bel continue to run freely and happily in the forest of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park?

Developed in partnership with Ekomunikatib Multimedia Consultancy Services, our grantee, through USAID’s Sustainable Interventions for Biodiversity, Oceans and Landscapes (SIBOL) initiative, Project FOREST aims to cultivate a deep awareness of forest conservation among elementary school students in the PPSRNP through conservation storytelling.

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Forest Foundation Philippines is part of the USAID SIBOL Consortium.