Reviving the Isinay Ikat Weaving Tradition: Embodying Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Values in Contemporary Life and Practice

This scoping project revolves around the revival of a weaving tradition that declined and then disappeared with the Christianization of the Isinay in Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya. The study was authored by Dr. Patricia Maria Araneta, a sustainable development advocate, educator, curator, and community weaver.

In particular, the scoping study attempted to have a holistic understanding of the Isinay’s cultural and historical context (i.e., role of textiles, cultural relevance, trade); and how technological information on
weaving (i.e., technology, raw material resources, techniques, and tools) can facilitate in reviving sustainable values and conservation of natural resources in relation to the economic, environmental, and social connections that would be beneficial to the community.

Woven Networks – Craft changemakers conserving forests is a partnership between the Forest Foundation Philippines and its grantee, the British Council through its Crafting Futures global programme. It aims to initiate new collaborations and support projects that champion indigenous knowledge systems towards sustainable resource management and improved livelihood of craft communities. The grants support research projects that highlight sustainable practices of indigenous craft communities for forest conservation.