Likas-Wika: A collection of PeliTula, (Pelikula + Tula)

This is the principle behind Likas-Wika, a collection of PeliTula, (Pelikula + Tula), based on and inspired by Nature. Drawing on the power of words, this collection hopes to reintegrate the lexicon of environmental stewardship and connection into our everyday language.

Knowing the local names of wildlife, landscapes, and natural phenomena makes them closer to us, reminding us that they are kin and not separate from who we are. Important things have names, and art is a powerful way to give meaning and agency to these names.

Likas-Wika is a love offering to Filipinos, and all the resulting art (poetry, photo cards, and short films) are free to use for personal and educational purposes.

The “pelitula” is compiled on this playlist, and the photo cards are free to download below.

This project is produced by Celine Murillo, grantee of Forest Foundation Philippines.