April 25, 2018

Forest Foundation Philippines Approves Over PHP 45 M in Grants

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – During its second quarterly meeting for 2018, the Forest Foundation Philippines’ Board of Trustees (BOT) approved over PHP 45 M in medium and large grants to conserve, protect and sustainably manage the country’s most critical forest landscapes.

In addition, the BOT approved the consultancy agreement with Parabukas Pte. Ltd. to contribute to the capacity-building activities of Philippine government officials engaged in multilateral processes related to climate change and biodiversity.

In 2017, the Foundation launched its 5-Year Grant Program. The overall, long-term goal of the Program is the protection and sustainable management of Philippine forests and its biodiversity. Since 2017, the Foundation has approved over 70 grants, in small, medium and large amounts, totaling over PHP 180 M.

The Forest Foundation Philippines, established in 2002 under the Tropical Forest Conservation Agreements signed by the governments of the United States of America and the Philippines, is a non-profit organization that provides grants to organizations that empower the people to protect the forests.


View the list of approved proposals here:  Q2 2018 BOT Approved Proposals and Consultancies