May 10, 2018

Forest Foundation Philippines Organizes Knowledge Exchange Roundtable With Grantees

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Forest Foundation Philippines organized a knowledge exchange roundtable on managing virtual information with its grantees, Non-Timber Forest Products – Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP), Green Convergence (GC) and Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation (CCLFI).

“Knowledge gives capacity for effective action. It makes information actionable,” said Dr. Serafin Talisayon, Director of CCLFI and “Father of Knowledge Management in the Philippines.”

During the exchange, the grantees shared experiences in knowledge management by developing and managing virtual information platforms. Dr. Talisayon shared valuable lessons from his experiences in setting up and managing knowledge platforms in the Philippines and across Asia. Mr. Earl Paulo Diaz, Communication and Knowledge Management Officer of NTFP-EP, shared their experience in establishing and managing their Knowledge Center. Dr. Angelina Galang, President of GC, presented learnings from setting up their Virtual Library.

The grantees agreed that virtual libraries are critical in facilitating innovation and transformation. Aside from raising awareness and increasing knowledge on forests, virtual libraries are able to provide critical information in a timely and accessible manner.

In 2017, the Forest Foundation approved the following projects, which aim to generate, manage and share knowledge on forest conservation and protection: NTFP-EP’s Piloting REDD Plus in the Kimangkil- Kalanawan-Sumagaya- Pamalihi Mountain Range, GC’s Public Advocacy on Forest: Leveling Up Through Convergence and CCLFI’s Improving Forest Advocate Engagement through Knowledge Sharing and Communication projects.

The Forest Foundation Philippines, established in 2002, under the Tropical Forest Conservation Agreements signed by the governments of the United States of America and the Philippines, is a non-profit organization that provides grants to organizations that empower the people to protect the forests.