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Bibliography of Forestry-related Journal Publications April 15, 2018

This bibliography of forestry-related journal publications was curated for the use of Forest Foundation Philippines staff, researchers and partners This aims to provide an array of references when searching up-to-date and relevant knowledge resources within the academic sphere of forestry science and its allied fields The list features more than 50 Open Access and Non-Open Access peer-reviewed journals The journals are categorized based on the Forest Foundation’s context of work&n.

Connecting Forests, People and Development December 15, 2017

Lessons and Insights 
from 10 years of the
Tropical Forest Conservation Fund in the Philippines.

Thinking Local, Acting Global: Forests, Communities and Climate Change in Bonn November 6, 2017

Explains the impact of COP23 negotiations to our forests, communities and climate.

seed propagation
Brochure on Seed Propagation for Sonneratia alba July 31, 2017

Describes the steps for successfully propagating Sonneratia alba (Pagatpat) in nurseries.

Philippine Mangroves
Poster on Philippine Mangroves July 31, 2017

Illustrates 32 of the most common mangrove species in the country.

mangrove rehabilitation
Community-based Mangrove Rehabilitation Training Manual July 31, 2017

Provides science-guided protocols for mangrove rehabilitation following the onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda.