Batang Bayani Para Sa Kalikasan

The Batang Bayani Para Sa Kalikasan Handbook is a resource material for the Batang Bayani Workshop (BBW), which aims to equip students with life skills that will help them transition to new and different ways of learning. It consists of three core modules focusing on three developmental areas: leading
oneself; leading others; and leading change.

This publication acts as an extension of the Batang Bayani Program (BBP) of Teach for the Philippines (TFP), a grantee of Forest Foundation Philippines, where environmental education is integrated in the general curriculum to develop children to become stewards of the environment. TFP’s approach involves working with educators, parents, and students to equip them with social awareness and problem-solving skills through different training programs, including the Batang Bayani Workshop.

This material is intended for parents/guardians of Grades 4 to 10 students.