July 15, 2015

PTFCF’s Board Approves TFCA 2 Results Framework and Operational Strategies

The Board of Trustees of PTFCF recently approved the results framework and operational strategies of the Foundation in preparation for the implementation of the 2nd Tropical Forest Conservation Fund.

Over the next 10 years, PTFCF is expected to deliver forest conservation impacts in six key results areas; namely:

  1. Conservation and restoration of forests in priority areas – Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Palawan, Samar, Leyte, Misamis and Bukidnon.
  2. Knowledge generation for forest conservation and management and utilization of scientific data and tools in forest management
  3. Enforcement of forest conservation enabling laws and policies
  4. Strengthening of institutions and organizations for forest conservation
  5. Establishment of economic incentives for conserving forests
  6. Support for the Philippine National REDD+ Strategy.

PTFCF is set to focus its conservation efforts on REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation); hence, a grants program for this purpose will be developed for both national level projects and focal area projects.

To operationalize the strategies of the Foundation, a national technical working group will be formed to provide advisory to the Board in identifying gaps and prioritizing actions. Complementary efforts will be made onsite, wherein regional technical working groups will formulate their respective five-year implementation plan, which will serve as the basis of area requests for proposals. Proposals will thereafter be evaluated by PTFCF, looking at consistency of project design with the focal area strategy.

To elicit more support and build capacities of project implementers, universities and state universities and colleges (SUCs) at the focal areas will be engaged to help in the capacity building and knowledge generation.

Finally, efforts at communication and advocacy will be heightened at both local and national levels. These will be pursued both for increased awareness of PTFCF programs and projects in REDD+ readiness.