April 6, 2022

Forest Foundation Philippines and National Power Corporation Partner to Protect, Conserve, and Manage Key Philippine Watersheds

Forest Foundation Philippines partnered with the National Power Corporation (NPC) for the protection, conservation, and sustainable management of critical watersheds in the Philippines.

Under the partnership, both organizations will support the formulation and implementation of plans and projects covering the Lake-Lanao Agus River Watershed in Lanao del Sur, Pulangui Watershed in Bukidnon and Angat Watershed in Bulacan.

Undersecretary Donato Marcos of NPC remarked, “The MOU will document the collaboration of NPC and Forest Foundation in the formulation, preparation, and implementation of programs, plans, and projects in Lake-Lanao Agus River Watershed in Lanao del Sur, Pulangui Watershed in Bukidnon, and Angat Watershed in Bulacan.”

Ms. Edwina Garchitorena, Chairperson of Forest Foundation, added, “This partnership with the NPC enables us to maintain and enhance the ecosystem services that forests and forest lands provide. It will enable us to secure and generate water for domestic uses and power generation. This partnership will ensure that forests and watersheds will serve as engines for economic development and critical components for community resilience and, ultimately, national security.”

Forests are often located on top of watersheds. Sustainable forest management ensures that watersheds are able to capture, store, and release water in strategic areas for food production, environmental protection, and ecosystem services. 

Forest Foundation Philippines is a non-profit organization that provides grants and technical assistance to organizations that empower the people to protect and conserve forests.

NPC is a Philippine government-owned and controlled corporation that is mandated to provide electricity to all rural areas in the Philippines by 2025, manage water resources for power generation, and optimize use of other power generating assets. The organization is mandated to manage the country’s 11 watersheds, which stabilize water supply to the country’s hydroelectric plants.

Photo Credit: NPC