June 30, 2018

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Geography of Governance: Landscape and Resource Management, A National Environmental Dialogue on Landscape Governance


Forest Foundation Philippines and Tropenbos International entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to collaboratively promote inclusive and sustainable governance of forested landscape in the Philippines. To realize this common goal, the partnership perceives the need for a national environmental dialogue to serve as a multi-sectoral, evidence-based platform for sharing local, national, and international experiences and lessons learned and if warranted, policy recommendations that will in turn enable effective landscape governance.

Aims of the Dialogue:

The National Environmental Dialogue on Landscape Governance aims to support an informed and inclusive decision making on natural resource governance should there be a shift to federal/decentralized form of government in the country, by bringing together civil society organizations, governments, and the academe.

Specifically, the national dialogue aims to:

  1. Share international, national, and local experiences and knowledge on environmental policy and governance;
  2. Provide an evidence-based platform of exchange for experiences and lessons learned on environmental policy and governance; and if warranted,
  3. Provide policy recommendations around environmental policy and governance at the national level

Discussion Streams:

  1. Forest and Climate Change
  2. Water and Agriculture
  3. Urban and Sustainable Cities
  4. Coastal and Marine Ecosystem
  5. Green Bills and Environment Code
  6. Ancestral Domain,Indigenous
  7. Peoples and Traditional Knowledge
  8. Multi-stakeholder Management
  9. Community Livelihoods and Sustainable Enterprises

Expected Outputs: 

It will be highly interactive and will be participated by around 100 multi- sector natural resource managers and practitioners. By the end of the national dialogue, it is expected that the participants will decide on the actions, policy recommendations and/or principles of natural resource management and/or landscape governance. These recommendations may become an input for an effective natural resources management and governance whether or not a shift in the government form will take place and/or changes in the charter will occur.

Moreover, the national dialogue foresees for these managers and practitioners to commit actions to: (a) address issues at the landscape-level natural resource governance; (b) encourage collaborative efforts and agree on further dialogue(s) with the relevant stakeholders and policy-makers; and (c) consider scenario-building for natural resource policies and laws in either the current or federal/decentralized form of government.


Interested parties may register here to attend the dialogue.

Please note that walk-ins are not allowed. Once registration is completed, only qualified/accepted participants will be notified through email and receive personal invitation as proof of confirmation to attend the dialogue.

Depending on the assessment of the Foundation, financial assistance to attend the dialogue may be extended to the qualified/accepted participants.

More Information:

Download the general announcement here.