April 2, 2020

My Home

This article is one of the winning works chosen from Youth as Keepers of the Forest, a writing workshop conducted in partnership with Edukasyon.ph  for university students in Bukidnon. 

The rain bathed the land last night. The sun is now rising, revealing beauty on every inch of the land. The wind is blowing ever so gently. The flowers and grass are dancing to a tune only they understand.

Growing up on a farm, I have always been fascinated by how wonderful life is here in Bukidnon. The variety of fruit trees and crops are abundant and available for everyone to enjoy. I remember that one big guava tree that I used to climb. I would sit on its branches, watching everything around me, igniting my imagination to explore the vastness that my little heart can comprehend. 

The mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and hills have always captured my curiosity. They have always made me think of what secrets and wonders they hold. I had promised myself to uncover them one by one. 

I have explored some of the mountains, caves, and hills. One time, when my friends and I went spelunking at Paiyak and Sumalsag Caves, I had to stop and admire the wonder around me. The grandeur of Paiyak Cave was a different experience from Sumalsag Cave, where we had to be submerged under water.

I have also experienced the exquisite beauty of  Mt. Kitanglad, with all its flora and fauna. Experiencing the cool waters of Balisbisan Falls washed away all my worries. It brought me peace and tranquility, knowing that for years, it has sustained the lives of villagers. 

But it saddens me to know that some have abused the bounty of what nature has to offer. 

I hope that as a school paper writer, I can make a difference by sharing my knowledge and love for nature. I want to be an instrument, so that these gifts may be passed to the next generations. 

I want to be able to make others realize that nature’s beauty is worth preserving and saving. I want to be able to increase awareness for protecting wildlife and the lushness of forests, and to encourage everyone to help one another in achieving this goal.

The wind is blowing. The flowers and grass are dancing to a tune only they understand. The sun is setting. The moon is rising, illuminating the vast and rich land, while the stars twinkle above. The crickets are singing me to sleep. It is so great to be able to rest in my home.


About the Author:

Jackie Lou Homonlay is a school paper writer of Bukidnon State University- Impasugong Satellite Campus,  taking up Public Administration.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Forest Foundation Philippines. Furthermore, the Foundation assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate or incomplete information presented in this article.