July 20, 2015

PTFCF Launches its Redesigned, More Interactive Website

Makati City – The Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PTFCF), a non-government organization that provides financial and technical support to civil society organizations for forest conservation, has launched its redesigned website at www.ptfcf.org.

With its modernized look, PTFCF’s site now contains new and enhanced content, in an effort to open up more venues for knowledge sharing and partnership building. Specifically, news and information on PTFCF-funded conservation projects implemented by its partners both at the national and local level are now accessible from the site, and so is the interactive map that contains all the past and current PTFCF projects. The website has also been developed to feature a more responsive and interactive design, adapting its display for optimal viewing on mobile, tablet and other monitor set-ups.

“The redesign of our website has been on our agenda primarily because forest conservation requires the participation of many different people and sectors of society. And an effective way for us to reach out to them is through our website.” Said Atty. Jose Andres Canivel, PTFCF Executive Director. “We are excited also because the new site may now be accessed on many different devices, which but only offers enhanced user experience,” he added.

Another goal of the redesigned website is to make it as interactive as possible. In fact, news and articles may be shared through social media platforms, and viewers may even directly provide their feedback and comments.

Changes to ptfcf.org’s appearance and content have been made to facilitate more forest conservation action and accommodate PTFCF’s growing partners. All these are crucial as the Foundation prepares for the start of the implementation of the 2nd Tropical Forest Conservation Fund before the year ends.