June 24, 2015

Importance of Using Native Trees in Reforestation

Most reforestation efforts in the country focus on the use of foreign or exotic trees, selected primarily for their ability to grow faster and germinate easily. But this proved to be ineffective as exotic trees have detrimental effect on the ecosystem. For one, they tend to alter the soil around them preventing other plants to grow and thrive. Also, they are not protective of wildlife, as most animals, specially endangered ones prefer to inhabit and nest on native trees.

These are some of the reasons why PTFCF advocates for the use of native trees. But what do we really get when using native trees?

Native trees help:

  • Recover and expand forest habitats for threatened native species of plants and animals
  • Protect watershed and freshwater resources
  • Improve continuity with the local natural landscape
  • Connect forest fragments
  • Secure the livelihood of local people
  • Link protected areas and natural forests.

Source:Rain Forest Restoration Initiative