November 24, 2018

Forest Foundation, Eljay Castro Deldoc and Miriam College ESI Stage Ang Higanteng Haligi Sa Hilaga

The Forest Foundation Philippines, in partnership with Eljay Castro Deldoc and Miriam College Environmental Studies Institute (ESI), staged Ang Higanteng Haligi Sa Hilaga, an interactive play that elicits community discourse around forest conservation, at Miriam College.

Set in the mountains of Sierra Madre, the play followed the story of Mameng, a teenaged forest dweller who wants to save an old kamagong tree from being cut. She tries to find the logger before it’s too late, and along the way, meets Jade, a yuppie from the city wandering about in the forest. They come across familiar figures, such as a businesswoman who owns a mining company, a councilor who spearheads a reforestation initiative, and a traditional healer who believes in the power of nature.

The play, which was attended by high school and college students, was staged as part of Miriam College’s Environmental Awareness Week. Moving forward, the Foundation plans to stage the play in different campuses within its focal landscapes.

Forest Foundation awarded a grant to Eljay Castro Deldoc, a Palanca award-winner, to write and direct the play. The play’s artistic team included Marco Viana, Yuri Sta. Maria, Gabo Tolentino, Cyril Balderama and Dale Magsino. The cast included Manok Nellas, Bianca Meer, Drew Espenocilla, Paw Castillo and Joe Garcia.