July 16, 2015

Can We Live without Trees? A Book about Trees

In partnership with Adarna House, Inc., a leading publisher of children’s books in the Philippines, PTFCF supported the development and publication of this book that hopes to inculcate to young minds (ages 9 years and above) how valuable trees are and how rich the country is in terms of biodiversity. It also hopes to grow the love for trees lost in many children nowadays. And in the midst of typhoons that get stronger and more frequent, the book offers children with ways on how they can help save our forests.

The book covers topics on trees and their functions; characterization of Philippine tropical forests and the different types; value of mangroves and the need to conserve them; Philippine endemic trees; and the role of children in forest conservation. These topics may be too technical for young readers, but Adarna House and PTFCF worked side by side to ensure that the book would be as engaging as possible, and as effective as it can be for the next generation conservationists.

Adarna House has already made this book commercially available in leading bookstores nationwide and PTFCF will complement this effort by distributing the book to academic institutions and partner organizations in PTFCF-project sites.