Forests in the Anthropocene: Perspective from the Philippines Book Website

The diverse configurations of forests across the archipelago are the living heritage and beating landscape of our collective history and aspirations as peoples. The triumphs and travails of the Philippine forestry sector are vital depositories of environmental and development lessons for every Filipino. The book entitled Forests in the Anthropocene: Perspectives from the Philippines is part of the Forest Foundation’s Learning Landscapes Program objective to contribute to the public appreciation and understanding of forest conservation science, policy, and practice. 

The book contains six chapters written by Filipino scholars, exploring the fields of community forestry, environmental protection, IP governance, livelihoods and socio-ecological systems, water economy, and forest and energy nexus, in the context of climate crisis and age of humankind. Visit the book website, watch the book trailer video, and download the ebook, individual chapters, and summary for decision makers.